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Learning about human factors in the emergency department

Don't Forget the Bubbles

Resuscitation is a team sport. Role stickers or role aprons with names on them are simple measures to highlight resuscitation roles. A study in Denmark in 2021 explored barriers to effective resuscitation in over 900 in-hospital resuscitations across six hospitals in Denmark. It was the most phenomenal resuscitation.

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Episode 15: Paediatric Trauma & How to Do Sim


Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine. In situ simulation: detection of safety threats and teamwork training in a high risk emergency department. Scenario based outdoor simulation in pre-hospital trauma care using a simple mannequin model. Patterson MD, Geis GL, Falcone RA, LeMaster T, Wears RL.


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Neonatal Resus for the Pre-Hospital Non-Neonatologist

Greater Sydney Area HEMS

At one of our recent education days we heard Dr Mark Russell and Dr Mark Newcombe deliver excellent presentations of cases which they had been involved in, involving resuscitative hysterotomy and neonatal resuscitation respectively. Resuscitate in air first, and use higher inflation pressures than you would with adults.

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Gender-focused training improves leadership of female medical students: A randomised trial


In medical emergencies, provider qualities which lead to greater performance and patient outcomes include leadership and teamwork. They studied the effect of gender composition of resuscitation teams with all different combinations (female-female; female-male; male-male; male-female). Meier A, Yang J, Liu J, et al. Crit Care Med.

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Getting everyone to sing in harmony

Don't Forget the Bubbles

But, just like a ‘good’ resuscitation, the secret to a great jam is lots of preparation and finely-tuned teamwork. It has developed my leadership, followership, and teamwork skills. ACEM President – 2022 In medical circles, we talk a lot about learning leadership and teamwork through sports.

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SAS 2023 – 28th October 2023, Sydney

Intensive Care Network

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