Wed.Jul 24, 2024

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The REBEL Lit Distillery at ResusX


Do you know what the latest evidence in critical care/resuscitation? If this question makes you uncomfortable or you just don’t have time to keep up with the literature, you should sign up for the REBEL Lit Distillery at the ResusX Conference in Philly. Let us help you keep up to date. -Workshop: Sept 17 th , 2024 -Location: Philadelphia, PA -20 to 25 Critical Care/Resuscitation Papers Reviewed -Direct Link: [link] The post The REBEL Lit Distillery at ResusX appeared first on REBEL EM - Emergen

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The Evidence for Rehabilitation Robots

Science Based Medicine

Rehabilitation robots, first introduced in the 1990s, are just what they sound like – robotics used to aid in regaining function through rehabilitation following an injury. The idea sounds compelling, and the technology has been advancing steadily. But still we have to ask ourselves the question – do they actually help, and what is the evidence?


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ECG Podcasts on 12-Lead & Arrhythmias — Pearls, Pitfalls, OMI & AI and Lots More

Dr. Smith's ECG Blog

I recently recorded a series of 4 podcasts regarding KEY concepts in ECG interpretation. Easy LINK — [link] — My New E CG P odcasts ( 5/28/2024 ): These podcasts are part of the Mayo Clinic Cardiovascular CME Podcasts Series ( "Making Waves" ) — hosted by Dr. Anthony Kashou. They are found on the Mayo Clinic Cardiovasciular CME site. You can adjust the speed of the recording ( If the speed is "slow" for you — increasing to 1.25 speed should be optimal for you!

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Sniffing out Sepsis - Vibes vs Scoring Systems?

Taming the SRU

Knack SKS, Scott N, Driver BE, et al. Early Physician Gestalt Versus Usual Screening Tools for the Prediction of Sepsis in Critically Ill Emergency Patients. Ann Emerg Med 2024 Background Sepsis remains an increasingly common emergency department condition that is tied to higher morbidity and mortality across the United States as well as the rest of the world.

Sepsis 59