Thu.Mar 28, 2024

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Death Knell For The IVC Filter

The Trauma Pro

IVC filter insertion has been one of the available tools for preventing pulmonary embolism for decades—or so we thought. Its popularity has swung back and forth over the years and has been in the waning stage for quite some time now. This pendulum-like motion offers an opportunity to study effectiveness when coupled with some of the large datasets that are now available to us.

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Wide Complex Tachycardia -- VT, SVT, or A Fib with RVR? If SVT, is it AVNRT or AVRT?

Dr. Smith's ECG Blog

A 69 y.o. male with pertinent past medical history including Atrial fibrillation, atrial flutter, cardiomyopathy, Pulmonary Embolism, and hypertension presented to the Emergency Department via ambulance for respiratory distress and tachycardia. Per EMS report, patient believes he has been in atrial fibrillation for 5 days, since coming down with flu-like illness with rhinorrhea, productive cough, SOB.


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First10EM Journal Club: March 2024

Broome Docs

Welcome back for another episode of nerdy evidence based goodness with Dr Justin Morgenstern. As always we will be dissecting some data and looking into the literature of Emergency medicine. Below are the papers that we will discuss and click on the links to get the free PDF versions so that you can follow along, make up your own mind and get your inner nerd excited.

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Doctors need to stop speculating about Kate Middleton

Sensible Medicine

I always find it shameless when a celebrity becomes ill and armchair doctors chime in about their condition. In 2016, Jonathan Reiner said this about Carrie Fisher’s mother, who died very shortly after her daughter. But his comment turned out to be not only in poor taste, but also incorrect. Last week, Kate Middleton announced she had cancer, which was found during abdominal surgery, and was receiving ‘preventive chemotherapy’ That’s as vague as it gets, and no good docto

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Research Roundup (April 2024)

First 10 EM

Articles, articles, articles. So much wonderful science to improve patient care. So little time. Do you just skip to the bottom line? These articles can be digested in podcast version, if you prefer, either through the BroomeDocs site, or on YouTube. High dose nitro for SCAPE Siddiqua N, Mathew R, Sahu AK, Jamshed N, Bhaskararayuni […] The post Research Roundup (April 2024) appeared first on First10EM.

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AI for prescription drug information: Not yet useful for health care – but it’s coming

Science Based Medicine

ChatGPT may not replace a health care professional's assessment yet, but its capabilities are growing. The post AI for prescription drug information: Not yet useful for health care – but it’s coming first appeared on Science-Based Medicine.

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Eye cancer in children: early diagnosis by CBM in Uganda

Emergency Live

CBM Italia in Uganda: Dot’s Story, a 9-Year-Old Affected by Retinoblastoma, a Retinal Tumor Endangering Children’s Lives in the Global South Retinoblastoma is a malignant tumor of the retina commonly found in pediatric patients. If left undiagnosed, it leads to vision loss and, in severe cases, death. “This girl has a problem with her eyes,” […] The post Eye cancer in children: early diagnosis by CBM in Uganda appeared first on Emergency Live.

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A day in yellow against endometriosis

Emergency Live

Endometriosis: A Little-Known Disease Endometriosis is a chronic condition that affects approximately 10% of women of reproductive age. Symptoms can vary and include severe pelvic pain, fertility problems, profoundly impacting the daily lives of affected women. Yet, despite being a primary cause of chronic pelvic pain and infertility, this condition often remains misunderstood and diagnosed […] The post A day in yellow against endometriosis appeared first on Emergency Live.

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EMCrit RACC-Lit Review – March 2024


All the literature goodness for March 2024 EMCrit Project by Scott Weingart, MD FCCM.