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Ultrasound of the Month: Peritonsillar Abscess

Taming the SRU

IMAGING WITH ULTRASOUND Peritonsillar abscess is one of the most common deep space infections of the head and neck contributing significantly to health care costs in the United States. The use of point of care ultrasound for diagnosis and guidance of treatment may be an adequate alternative to obtaining CT imaging. 2012;147(3):472-474.

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Best Of EAST #5: How Good Is Lung Ultrasound For Pneumothorax?

The Trauma Pro

They advise that the chest ultrasound should be used alone with caution. References: Lung ultrasound underdiagnoses clinically significant pneumothorax. Bottom line: This is an interesting and relatively large study. However, it is at odds with a paper published in 2021 from George Washington University. false negative rate.


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Ultrasound Case 111

Life in the Fast Lane

Casey Parker and James Rippey Ultrasound Case 111 A 45 year old woman with chronic alcoholic liver disease presents to the ED with exertional dyspnoea and is noted to have a SpO2 of 90% at rest despite having a normal chest examination and CXR.

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Wearable Ultrasound for Deep Tissue Monitoring


Researchers at the University of California San Diego have created a wearable ultrasound system that can monitor deep tissues, as far as 16.5 Ultrasound-enabled wearables are enjoying a moment, with a variety of these technologies emerging recently. inches) below the surface of the body.

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PEM POCUS Series: Pediatric Lung Ultrasound


Read this tutorial on the use of point of care ultrasonography (POCUS) for pediatric lung ultrasound. Take the ALiEMU PEM POCUS: Pediatric Lung Ultrasound Quiz Module Goals List indications for performing a pediatric lung point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS). Identify anatomical landmarks on ultrasound (Figure 3, Video 1).

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How to make your own low-cost ultrasound model to practice IV access

Mount Sinai EM

Also, read this guide on how to practice ultrasound guided intravenous lines Sabrina Rodera Zorita Once the gelatin is firm, remove the pipes and transfer the model to a new container with water Try it, it’s very simple and cheap. See how it works!

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How Good is Ultrasound at Diagnosing PTA?


Background: The increased utility and accessibility of point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) has allowed clinicians the freedom to rethink their diagnostic approach for many common diseases, including peritonsillar abscess (PTA). Test characteristics of ultrasound for the diagnosis of peritonsillar abscess: A systematic review and meta-analysis.