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Topical Therapies for Pediatric Burns

Pediatric EM Morsels

The management of pediatric thermal burns always seems to be a hot topic , whether we are caring for a little future chef who splashed a scalding microwaved noodle cup on himself, or a toddling youngster who pulled a pot of boiling water on herself. Topical Therapies for Pediatric Burns: The options?

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Ep 196 Pediatric Meningitis Recognition, Workup and Management

Emergency Medicine Cases

In this episode: recognition, risk stratification, decision tools, indications for lumbar puncture in the febrile pediatric patient, tips and trick on performing LPs in children, and ED management of pediatric meningitis. and many more.


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Best of EAST 2024 #3: VTE Prophylaxis For Pediatric Trauma

The Trauma Pro

However, there is much less information available regarding pediatric trauma. High-risk criteria for pediatric VTE after trauma have recently been released. The Medical College of Wisconsin trauma group organized a prospective, multi-institutional study involving eight pediatric trauma centers. State an explicit age cutoff.

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Use Of A Solid Organ Injury Protocol For Pediatrics

The Trauma Pro

The American Pediatric Surgical Association (APSA) published a practice guideline way back in 2000 that outlined a consistent way to care for children with solid organ injuries. The authors’ definition of “pediatric” is age < 18. Solid organ injuries, mainly the liver and spleen, are the most prevalent ones.

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Why Thermal Printing is Preferred by Pediatric Hospitals

PDC Healthcare

In pediatric hospitals, ensuring the safety and proper identification of young patients is paramount, with pediatric-sized wristbands being a critical tool in achieving this.

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The pediatric can’t intubate can’t oxygenate scenario (Use a knife)

First 10 EM

I think that is an important mental space for emergency physicians to find if you want to be able […] The post The pediatric can’t intubate can’t oxygenate scenario (Use a knife) appeared first on First10EM.

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How to become a pediatric nurse practitioner

Emergency Live

Training paths and professional opportunities for those who want to dedicate themselves to the care of children The role of pediatric nurse The pediatric nurse plays a crucial role in healthcare dedicated to the youngest, from birth to adolescence.