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Ep 196 Pediatric Meningitis Recognition, Workup and Management

Emergency Medicine Cases

In this episode: recognition, risk stratification, decision tools, indications for lumbar puncture in the febrile pediatric patient, tips and trick on performing LPs in children, and ED management of pediatric meningitis. We answer such questions as: what are the test characteristics of the various clinical features of meningitis across various ages?

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Access Consciousness: Phrenology fused with energy medicine

Science Based Medicine

Access Consciousness claims to show how to improve your mental and physical health by touching 32 Access Bars on your scalp. It's basically phrenology reborn and fused with "energy medicine." The post Access Consciousness: Phrenology fused with energy medicine first appeared on Science-Based Medicine.


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"Before he gets chemo, he should go to the fertility preservation clinic". Docs say this, but is it true?

Sensible Medicine

A few years ago, I was on service and about to start ABVD in a 20 year old man with rip roaring Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He had B symptoms, was hospitalized and deteriorating by the day. A colleague stopped me. “Before you start chemotherapy, make sure he gets a referral to fertility clinic.” “Why?” I asked. “So he can bank sperm, if he wants.

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LITFL Update 031

Life in the Fast Lane

Kane Guthrie and Mike Cadogan LITFL Update 031 Update 029. Sending you FOAMed content from around the globe. Latest trends and best articles so that you stay top of your field.

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Tread Cautiously with Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Scenarios


Virtually everyone has experimented with large language models (LLMs) in some fashion. Whether a person is conducting such parlor tricks as generating “Choose Your Own Adventure” children’s stories, looking for recipes in order to utilize a strange assortment of leftover ingredients, or composing eloquent poetry, the list of non-serious uses is vast.

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Medical Music Mondays: Seize the Moment


Dude! If you could remember the rockin’ drug sequence to for anti epileptics in the Emergency Department that would be totally awesome! Wait, there’s a hair metal song with lyrics to that effect? Rad! Lyrics [Chorus] Benzo, Benzo, second line Seizures stop in record time! [Verse] Seizures longer than five minutes straight Need medication to help them abate Lorazepam’s great if you have an I V I M drugs are fine too you’ll see [Chorus] Benzo, Benzo, second line Seizures st

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Rosh Review My EMCert Monthly Question


A 45-year-old man presents to the ED with shortness of breath that began 4 hours ago. He reports 2 days of cough, fever, and pleuritic chest pain. He is speaking in 3–4 word phrases, breathing at 33 breaths/minute, and appears in mild to moderate respiratory distress. He has right middle lobe crackles on auscultation. An arterial blood gas shows a pH of 7.48, a PaO 2 of 54 mm Hg, and a PaCO 2 of 33 mm Hg.