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Jehovah’s Witnesses And Blood Transfusion Demystified

The Trauma Pro

Injury can be a bloody business, and trauma professionals take replacement of blood products for granted. So why would someone refuse blood when the trauma team is convinced that it is the only thing that may save their life?

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Understanding pre-hospital blood transfusion decision-making for injured patients: an interview study

Emergency Medicine Journal

Background Blood transfusion for bleeding trauma patients is a promising pre-hospital intervention with potential to improve outcomes. However, it is not yet clear which patients may benefit from pre-hospital transfusions. Interviews were semi-structured and explored how decisions were made and what made decisions difficult.


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How Quickly to DSED | Whole Blood Transfusions


The JournalFeed podcast for the week of Feb 12-16, 2024. These are summaries from just 2 of the 5 article we cover every week! For access to more, please visit for details about becoming a member.

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Coming Soon! The Best Of EAST 2024

The Trauma Pro

Here are some of the topics I’ve selected: MAP and spinal cord injury VTE in pediatric patients Chest irrigation and retained hemothorax Accuracy of eFAST More on the 35mm rule for pneumothorax Pan-scanning and missed injuries King Airway vs i-Gel Airway Whole blood transfusion in pediatric patients Whole blood and VTE risk VTE prophylaxis in (..)

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Donating blood: an act of generosity that saves lives

Emergency Live

The Importance of Blood Donation and Its Health Benefits The Importance of Blood Donation Blood donation is an altruistic act that can make the difference between life and death for many people. Every day, thousands of individuals worldwide rely on blood donations to receive life-saving medical care.

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The MINT trial: liberal or restrictive transfusion in MI

First 10 EM

Throughout the length of my career, we have consistently heard that less is more when it comes to blood transfusions (outside of the critically ill requiring massive transfusion, where the message, correct or not, has been the exact opposite).

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Transfusion-associated lung injury (TRALI): Review


But thanks to the safety of the blood supply—in particular, the mitigation strategies in place to prevent transfusion reactions—TRALI occurs rarely. After stopping any blood transfusion in process, TRALI is generally treated with supportive care. How O… Read more