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Ethical Issues in Interhospital Transfers of Emergency Department Patients


Consequences of this are well documented and include delayed treatment, exposure to error, increased length of stay, and increased mortality. 2 This article discusses the practical and ethical issues of interhospital transfer of these patients. ED crowding impairs this mission. Academic Emergency Medicine 22.2 2015):157-165.

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Comprehensive Dementia Care in Dentistry Training

American Medical Compliance

A decline and loss of memory, focus, and judgment, as well as the capacity for learning, problem-solving, and communication, are some of these symptoms. The term “dementia” refers to a broad range of symptoms that arise from brain damage caused by illness, injury, or disease.

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Navigating Social Media, Online Reviews, & HIPAA

Total Medical ComplianceHIPAA

Here are a few ideas to avoid an OCR investigation and penalty, breach, and/or an ethical issue: Avoid the urge to reply right away to a negative review. If the patient contacts you with their issue, be willing to have them fill out a patient complaint form and work to resolve the issue with them.