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The Alfred Intensive Care Academic Centre

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Discover collaboration, career opportunities and education possibilities with The Alfred Intensive Care Academic Centre. The post The Alfred Intensive Care Academic Centre appeared first on INTENSIVE. Stay connected and keep checking in for all the latest updates, research, insights and news. Bookmark us and stay in touch.

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Mandrola Chooses a Favorite Academic Article

Sensible Medicine

Words that pop into my head when thinking about the academic literature: vast, insipid, repetitive, Sisyphus. He had grown the once small Circulation--Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes into a prominent journal in the academic cardiology space. This sentence came seven years before social media and a virus shredded our norms.


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Re-Engineering Flow in an Academic Emergency Department


But inside these charming historic walls is a research-driven, quaternary-care, academic, medical center. Though they were managing the boarding of admitted ED patients better than many academic medical centers, the increasing boarding burden on top of the surge in daily volume created an urgent need to restructure the ED flow.

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Three Academics Speak Out on Bad Medical Studies

Stop and Think

You should first know Dan is one of the smartest and kindest academics I have met. It’s quite an honor to have legit academics comment on my Substack. My response: While I believe that academics have--as one goal—the discovery of answers to help our patients. Regarding outsized conclusions, I could not agree more.

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Academic Emergency Medicine: An oxymoron or opportunity?

RCEM Learning

However there are some myths in relation to academic practice where there is some supporting evidence. Despite this, due to it being a ‘relatively’ new speciality, EM has not had the history to develop a large Royal College (it was only invested in 2015) or a significant academic background.

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Academics for the Community Provider- Bringing quality and longevity to your career

Downeast Emergency Medicine

Check out our podcast by clicking HERE In medicine we often draw a solid line between community and academic medicine, but this is likely a fallacy. In this interview we talk with Dr. Salim Rezaie of the REBEL EM blog and podcast, a man who has walked both sides of this imaginary line between community and academics. with FOAM).

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Quezada – Great IDEAs: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Antiracism in Academic Medicine

University of Maryland CC Project

Sandra Quezada, Associate Dean for Admissions, Assistant Dean for Faculty Diversity and Inclusion, and Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine presents on inclusion, diversity, equity, and anti racism in academic medicine. Uploaded by Miriam Kaufman, MS3