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Readers Respond: Ethical Issues in Interhospital Transfers of ED Patients


Thomas Benzoni, DO, FACEP The post Readers Respond: Ethical Issues in Interhospital Transfers of ED Patients appeared first on ACEP Now. Properly written, this may provide some defense to those putting themselves out there for the public good. We deserve protection, not thoughts and prayers.

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Schreiber – Ethical Issues in the ICU

University of Maryland CC Project

Disease/Critical Care Medicine at MedStar Washington Hospital Center presents a talk entitled "Ethical Issues in the ICU" as part of the DC5 lecture series.


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Ethical Issues in Interhospital Transfers of Emergency Department Patients


2 This article discusses the practical and ethical issues of interhospital transfer of these patients. The post Ethical Issues in Interhospital Transfers of Emergency Department Patients appeared first on ACEP Now. Academic Emergency Medicine 22.2 2015):157-165. Kelen GD, Wolfe R, D’Onofrio G, et al.

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Ondansetron Impact | ROSC post WLST | C. diff in Babies | MD Behavior Change | Landmark AAP Feb Neo


We cover ondansetron impact in children, a case of pediatric ROSC post withdrawal of care and ethical issues, C. It’s the JournalFeed Podcast for the week of August 30 - September 3, 2021. difficile testing in babies, how to really change physician behavior, and the landmark AAP guidelines for febrile neonates/infants.

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Comprehensive Dementia Care in Dentistry Training

American Medical Compliance

What you will learn: Effective communication strategies tailored for patients with dementia The importance of patient-centered care in dentistry for individuals with dementia Managing challenging behaviors commonly seen in dementia patients The complexities of pain assessment in patients with dementia Common oral health problems in patients with dementia (..)

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Navigating Social Media, Online Reviews, & HIPAA

Total Medical ComplianceHIPAA

Here are a few ideas to avoid an OCR investigation and penalty, breach, and/or an ethical issue: Avoid the urge to reply right away to a negative review. Reducing the likelihood of a mistake takes a few easy steps and some reminders from time to time. Consider having your privacy officer read the reply before it is posted.

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SGEM Xtra: Relax – Damm It!

The Skeptics' Guide to EM

His area of expertise is in legal, policy and ethical issues in medical research and its commercialization. Tim is a Canadian professor of law at the University of Alberta, the Research Director of its Health Law Institute, and current Canada Research Chair in Health Law and Policy. A User’s Guide to the Age of Anxiety.