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The Importance of Risk Management in Healthcare

Advanced Medical Reviews

Strong risk management strategies can help healthcare facilities operate better while also improving the care they provide to their patients.

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Laser Safety in Surgical Practice Training

American Medical Compliance

The responsibility of ensuring patient safety has now moved from hospital staff to individual users with access to laser technology, which was previously only available in operating rooms of hospitals. The most deadly of all dangers is complacency, therefore it’s critical to adopt a risk management approach to laser safety.


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November 2023 News from the College


Expand Your Knowledge of the Business of EM Practice Essentials, an online, asynchronous curriculum developed by ACEP and EMRA, dives into reimbursement, contracts, operations and risk management, and other topics that may not have been covered in depth during medical school or residency.

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Understanding FWA Compliance in Healthcare

American Medical Compliance

Moreover, technology enables proactive risk management by providing real-time insights into potential vulnerabilities within the healthcare system. Ready to enhance your understanding of Healthcare Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (FWA) and safeguard your organization against risks?

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emDOCs Podcast – Episode 88: ED Evaluation of Diverticulitis


CT is the most useful examination for patients with suspected complications of colonic diverticulitis because of its reproducibility, superior diagnostic accuracy (98%)m accuracy for alternative diagnoses with a similar presentation, risk-stratification of patients for operative versus nonoperative treatment, and inpatient versus outpatient triage.

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Ten Commandments for Emergency Professionals; a compendium

Advanced Emergency Nursing from AENJ

Presentation ten most famous medical mistakes Information Systems Ten commandments for implementing clinical information systems Ten Commandments for Effective Clinical Decision Support: Making the Practice of Evidence-based Medicine a Reality Risk Mgmt.