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Urgent care flow

Life in the Fast Lane

Stevan Bruijns Urgent care flow Speaking urgent care flow fluently - to highlight some important new ideas and provide a fresh perspective on old concepts.

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Speaking urgent care flow fluently

St. Emlyn

St.Emlyn's - Emergency Medicine #FOAMed Simplifying urgent care data translation is essential for hospital flow improvement. The post Speaking urgent care flow fluently appeared first on St.Emlyn's. This post provides a perspective on how to achieve this.


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A podcast for patients and families on deciding between the ED and Urgent Care


It provides succinct recommendations on when to call 911, seek care in the Emergency Department or Urgent Care, when to ask the advice of your primary care provider, and even when virtual urgent care visits are appropriate. Listen today so you’re ready for anything that may happen tomorrow!

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Lactation – A brief guide for the emergency provider

EM Ottawa

You are seeing your next patient in urgent care, a 35-year-old female with a wrist injury who has been waiting for 6-hours. After sending her for an x-ray and offering pain control in the ED, she tells you she is 3-months post-partum and is currently nursing.

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Pediatric UTI and Pneumonia

EB Medicine

In this episode, Sam Ashoo, MD, and TR Eckler, MD, discuss the January 2024 Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice article, Management of Pediatric Urinary Tract Infections in the Emergency Department , and the January 2024 Evidence Based Urgent Care article on Pediatric Community-Acquired Pneumonia: Diagnosis and Management in the Urgent Care Setting. (..)

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A man in his 50s with acute chest pain who is lucky to still be alive.

Dr. Smith's ECG Blog

In this medical system, the EMS provider can then be routed to the ED or to a type of urgent care facility that is open 24 hrs/day and staffed by a primary care provider. In this case, the EMS provider was routed to the urgent care facility. The ECG was also interpreted as normal by the primary care physician.

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Pediatric DKA and HHS

EB Medicine

15th)Check out the clinical pathways at [link] ([link]