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Noisy, low amplitude ECG in a patient with chest pain

Dr. Smith's ECG Blog

The patient was tremulous and severely hypoglycemic by point-of-care testing. Tachycardia is unusual for OMI, unless the patient is in cardiogenic shock (or getting close). This suggests thrombus (since the contrast does not penetrate the formed thrombus very well). We again see the L A D coursing anteriorly.

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Diagnostics: Inflammatory Markers

Taming the SRU

As the name would suggest, inflammatory markers are biological markers of, well, inflammation. Diagnostic accuracy of point-of-care tests in acute community-acquired lower respiratory tract infections. Surviving sepsis campaign: international guidelines for management of sepsis and septic shock 2021. 2021.09.025.

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Episode 24 - First Trimester Pregnancy Emergencies: Recognition and Management

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Interestingly, groups have examined outpatient care with 2 days of daily IM ceftriaxone vs inpatient IV antibiotic therapy and they found that there may be a higher than acceptable risk in the outpatient setting as several required eventual admission and one developed septic shock in their relatively small trial.