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Brief Resolved Unexplained Events (BRUE)

EB Medicine

In this episode, Sam Ashoo, MD and T.R. Eckler, MD discuss the April 2024 Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice article, Brief Resolved Unexplained Events: Practical Evaluation and Management in the Emergency Department Introduction The Evolution of BRUE Understanding BRUE Guidelines The Importance of Pre-Hospital Care in BRUE Cases Investigating the Event: Questions to Ask Medical and Family History: Key Factors Environmental and Social Considerations Definitions and Risk Assessment Physical

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The Truth vs. Alex Jones: How the DSHEA of 1994 gave conspiracy mongers the means to fund their empires

Science Based Medicine

As the HBO documentary The Truth vs. Alex Jones shows, Alex Jones promoted the conspiracy theory that the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax to sell his supplement line. It's a model that many Internet conspiracy theorists use, like Mike Adams. Did the DSHEA help create Alex Jones and the modern conspiracy industry? The post The Truth vs. Alex Jones: How the DSHEA of 1994 gave conspiracy mongers the means to fund their empires first appeared on Science-Based Medicine.


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SAEM Clinical Images Series: Red Rash on My Legs


A 23-year-old female with no known past medical history presented with a rash concentrated on her legs, with a few areas on her arms and chest. The rash began the day before presentation when she became overheated while wearing sweatpants in 104°F weather. The rash was mildly pruritic but not painful. She denied any prior reaction to her sweatpants that she has had for several months.

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Indiana Ethics and Professional Responsibility in Dentistry Training

American Medical Compliance

The following Indiana Ethics and Professional Responsibility in Dentistry Training is designed to educate dental healthcare providers (DHCP) in Indiana on the ADA Code of Ethics, which includes the Principles of Ethics, the Code of Professional Conduct, and Advisory Opinions, as well as Indiana guidelines regarding the licensure and practice of dentists and dental hygienists.

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Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd – The Role of Data Analytics in Improving Ambulance Response Time

Ziqitza HealthCare Ltd

In today’s world, swift emergency response is critical to saving lives. Ambulance services, such as those provided by Ziqitza Health Care Limited , play a pivotal role in this regard, often acting as the first line of defense in medical emergencies. However, the key to ensuring effective emergency response doesn’t solely lie in the availability of ambulances but also in optimizing their deployment and route planning.

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218. Spider bites: something about Peter Parker?

Board Bombs

We've all done it. We sigh when we see "spider bite" check in because we know it's going to be an abscess. But let's talk about what you ACTUALLY do for a real spider bite. This week we’re covering a classic neurosurgical topic, but the answer might fool you… Want to experience the greatest in board studying? Check out our interactive question bank podcast- the FIRST of its kind here.

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Molar Pregnancy

Northwestern EM Blog

Written by: Conner Morton, MD (NUEM ‘26) Edited by: August Grace (NUEM ‘24) Expert Commentary by : Dana Loke, MD, MS Expert Commentary Thank you to Drs. Morton and Grace for this excellent infographic highlighting molar pregnancy and its relevance to Emergency Medicine providers. While rarer than other pregnancy issues seen in the Emergency Department, molar pregnancy is an important diagnosis for Emergency Medicine providers to be able to recognize, understand, and treat.


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5 Min Sono – Pericardiocentesis (2024)

Core Ultrasound

Pericardial effusion Old 5MS vid (2016) Pericardial Tamponade Courses The post 5 Min Sono – Pericardiocentesis (2024) first appeared on Core Ultrasound.

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Modern Cardiology May Change Next Sunday

Sensible Medicine

First of all, Happy April Fools day. I thought about writing a fake-trial post. But thought the better of it. I normally tell you about a single study on Monday. This week, I want to alert you to the potential bigness of next weekend, when the American College of Cardiology meets in Atlanta. Sunday is an especially important day, as we will hear the results of three clinical trials—each of which could change cardiology in major ways.

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