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What Is: A Hinge Fracture Of The Skull?

The Trauma Pro

Recently, while reading an autopsy report, I ran across the term “hinge fracture of the skull.” A hinge fracture crosses the skull base transversely and involves the temporal and sphenoid bones. Here are diagrams of two common transsphenoidal fracture patterns, courtesy of ” What?

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Tibial Tubercle Avulsion Fracture

Pediatric EM Morsels

We have previously discussed how the surrounding ligaments and tendon are often stronger than the weakest part of the child’s bone necessitating our vigilance when addressing the pediatric extremity complaint (ex, Ankle Pain , Elbow Injury , Supracondylar Fractures ). Of course, we cannot assume all anterior knee pain is benign.

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Predicting Occult Scaphoid Fractures in the ED Using Clinical Features

Canadian EM

She has pain on the radial aspect of her left wrist and anatomical snuffbox.However, the X-rays do not indicate an obvious scaphoid fracture. Clinical question: What are the predictive clinical features for occult scaphoid fractures in patients with normal initial radiographs in the ED?

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Fractures App

Life in the Fast Lane

Mike Cadogan Fractures App The Fractures App is yet another fantastic, simple and effective bedside app created by Tom Fadial and Spencer Tomberg

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Basic Fracture Management

Mind The Bleep

Whether you’re interested in orthopaedics or not, knowledge of basic fracture management can be useful in any ED. Examination of a fractured limb Most patients will be in a lot of pain. If the limb is pale and pulseless this needs urgent referral to vascular as well as orthopaedics and the fracture needs reducing immediately.

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Pelvic Fractures

University of Maryland Department of Emergency Med

Pelvic fractures can be a major source of life threatening hemorrhage. Suspect fracture with significant force/mechanism. Signs are pelvic tendern. Click to view the rest

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Fracture Fridays: You can dance if you want to


The foot X-Ray taken of the foot of the patient with the foot problem The Diagnosis She has a fracture at the base of the 5th metatarsal (Jones fracture). I like to think of these injuries as the scaphoid fracture of the foot, as this location of the metatarsal in particular has relatively poor blood supply. Am J Sports Med.