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Best Of AAST #7: How Do You Like Your Platelets – Warm Or Cold?

The Trauma Pro

Until the last few years, massive transfusion in trauma consisted of component therapy, an admixture of packed red cells, plasma, and platelets. Whole blood transfusion is making inroads again, but it is used in a minority of centers. Of the three components, platelets have classically required different handling than the others. They are generally kept at room temperature, while the red cells and plasma are kept very cold to preserve their shelf life.

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Choosing Wisely – Radiographs in children with suspected constipation

Don't Forget the Bubbles

The Choosing Wisely ® campaign is an initiative that promotes collaborative conversations between clinicians and families to safely avoid unnecessary and potentially harmful tests. The American Academy of Paediatrics Section on Emergency Medicine (AAP SOEM) created a list of five key recommendations for Paediatric Emergency Medicine after a structured review process and expert consensus opinion.


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You don’t need X-Rays to tell if a child is constipated


This is a blog post designed to disseminate the important work of Choosing Wisely , an initiative of the the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation, the goal of which is the spark conversations between clinicians and patients about what tests, treatments, and procedures are needed – and which ones are not. The Choosing Wisely Pediatric Emergency Medicine Recommendations The Choosing Wisely Campaign Toolkit Expert Contributors Kelly Levasseur, DO Children’s Hospital of Michigan Detr

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Growth Factor-Loaded Microparticles Enhance 3D Bioprinted Muscle


Researchers at the Terasaki Institute in Los Angeles have developed a new method to create 3D printed muscle constructs with enhanced muscle cell alignment and maturation. The technique involves creating microparticles loaded with insulin-like growth factor (IGF) using a microfluidic platform. Then, these particles are included in a bioink that also incorporates myoblast cells and a gelatin-based hydrogel.

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Why Is American Healthcare So Expensive?

Science Based Medicine

It's not as complicated as you may think. The post Why Is American Healthcare So Expensive? first appeared on Science-Based Medicine.

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Etched Nanopillars Kill Bacteria, Fungi on Titanium Implants


Researchers at RMIT in Australia have developed a drug-free approach to kill bacteria and fungi that can infect surfaces on medical implants. Such pathogens can cause serious and difficult-to-treat infections around medical implants, sometimes requiring the removal of the implant. In addition, many microbes are increasingly resistant to common antibiotics, highlighting the need for drug-free approaches.

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Drones for medical deliveries: is the future already here?

Emergency Live

AI and IoT Revolutionize Medical Delivery with Drones: Insights from IEEE SPA Conference 2023 In a captivating session at the IEEE SPA Conference 2023, Giuseppe Tortora unveiled a visionary talk titled “AI and IoT for Future Generation of Medical Delivery with Drones.” Held at the esteemed Polytechnic University of Poland, this conference delved into the […] The post Drones for medical deliveries: is the future already here?


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Grand Rounds Recap 9.13.23

Taming the SRU

EKG QUICK Hits: electrolyte abnormalities - air care grand rounds - pediatric pain and procedural sedation EKG Quick hits: electrolyte abnormalities WITH Dr. Baez Potassium Hyperkalemia Peaked T-waves (there is tall and spiked T-waves, that you “wouldn’t want to sit on”) PR interval increases Widening of the QRS Can lead to a sine wave Hypokalemia T wave widening/flattening T wave inversion and U wave (upward deflection after the T wave) Calcium Hypercalcemia Shortened QT interval Osborn wave (p

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A Guessing Game.

Maria Yang, MD

To keep the watermelon from rolling off the platform, I placed the bag holding it between my ankles. My fingers tapped words of grief into my phone while I waited at the International District/Chinatown light rail station. Around ten of us were waiting for the next train. “ Ni hao? ” A male voice was asking me this tentative question. My head tilted up; who was talking to me?

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Coffee & Cases Snippets – August 2023 Newsletter

Greater Sydney Area HEMS

Top 10 C+C Snippets from the last month: 1. Time for re-attachment of a limb is longer than you might expect! The severed limb can be viable for up to 12 hours. 2. Guidance for amputated parts: – Rinse with saline and cover with saline-soaked dressing – Place in an airtight bag and place this bag in a 1:3 ice:water slurry – Avoid direct contact with ice 3.

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Clinical Governance Day – Wed 27 Sept 2023

Greater Sydney Area HEMS

Visit the post for more.