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Agitation Podcast Series Episode 1: Differentiating organic versus psychiatric causes of agitation and altered mental status


Most children who present to Pediatric Emergency Departments these days with mental health concerns – including agitation – have a known psychiatric problem or diagnosis. Psychiatric manifestations revealing inborn errors of metabolism in adolescents and adults. Psychiatric emergencies. Pediatrics 2021; 147.

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An Obstetric and Psychiatric Emergency: Managing Acute Agitation Among Pregnant Patients in the Emergency Department

AENJ: Current Issue

Nevertheless, clinicians should continue to assess the patient without delay, differentiate underlying causes of agitation, treat the mother and fetus aggressively, and consult obstetric and psychiatric services early.


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The Importance of Proper Control Arms

Sensible Medicine

I raise the issue because the prominent journal JAMA-Psychiatry published a paper purporting to show that placebos have great effects in many psychiatric conditions. The authors reported that most psychiatric disorders, especially depression and generalized anxiety disorder, had substantial placebo effects. This is wrong.

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2023 update to Surviving Sedation guidelines : the risk of thrombosis


This highlights one of the risks of psychiatric aeromedical retrieval and transfer in that bed availability may inadvertently prolong the period of sedation and restraint for acutely disturbed patients and thereby also increase the risk of medical complications such as thrombosis and aspiration pneumonia.

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Missouri Violence in the Workplace for Healthcare Employees

American Medical Compliance

Some higher risk settings include psychiatric units, emergency rooms, geriatric units, and behavioral health units to name a few. Additionally, providing your staff with the resources and information to keep themselves safe will help reduce the risk of workplace violence in your medical facility.

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Compulsive Excision Disorder (DEC): Skin Picking, Dermatillomania

Emergency Live

Compulsive Excision Disorder (DEC), also called 'Skin Picking' and 'dermatillomania', is a clinical condition characterised by constant picking at the skin causing skin lesions, and repeated attempts to curb this behaviour, according to the 2013 APA (American Psychiatric Association) guidelines The post Compulsive Excision Disorder (DEC): Skin Picking, (..)

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You don’t need labs to medically clear a psych patient


However, the vast majority of pediatric patients with psychiatric complaints do not present with undifferentiated acute psychosis; rather, they are seen for behavioral concerns or suicidal ideation. Decades ago, psychiatric complaints in the pediatric ED were infrequent.