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Cholera: ED presentation, evaluation, and management


Laboratory testing was not immediately available. The clinical picture of this patient was consistent with hypovolemic shock secondary to acute cholera infection. 16 In resource-constrained settings, rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) on stool samples offer a viable option. cholerae in stool samples before culture.

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Imported Malaria

Pediatric EM Morsels

This is typically only widely available in endemic countries (Forgie 2022) More recently there has been a deletion in the Pfhrp 2/3 gene in some P. falciparum parasitemia , and no other defined cause of AMS (WHO 2023).

Seizures 240

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Mind The Bleep

Investigations EDTA blood (ie an FBC bottle) should be sent urgently for thick and thin films Most laboratories will also perform a rapid diagnostic test (lateral flow), which has quite good sensitivity for P falciparum and reasonable sensitivity for P vivax If the rapid test is negative, consider alternative differentials (e.g.

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The 79th Bubble Wrap x Bristol Royal Hospital For Children

Don't Forget the Bubbles

This was a secondary outcome embedded in the Travel Fever study – a multi-centre, retrospective diagnostic accuracy study for imported malaria. This compared the reference test (standard microscopy) with the index test (standard rapid diagnostic test (RDT)). Schlapbach LJ, Watson RS, Sorce LR, et al.