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Allergic Reactions and Anaphylaxis

EB Medicine

Announcements: The interactive Clinical Pathways have launched and they are available for free! — In this episode, Sam Ashoo, MD, and TR Eckler, MD, discuss the July 2022 Emergency Medicine Practice article on the Management of Allergic Reactions and Anaphylaxis in the Emergency Department. Intro The number of ED visits and hospitalizations (..)

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Rash Week! An atypical antibiotic reaction


It’s Serum Sickness Like Reaction! This is a delayed allergic reaction to an antibiotic. This child was placed on Amoxicillin for acute otitis media and this rash developed after 9 days of treatment. The child has fever and swollen feet as well. The main treatment is discontinuing the antibiotic.


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Anaphylactic Shock


Anaphylactic Shock is an acute, life-threatening hypersensitivity disorder, with a generalized, rapidly evolving, multi-systemic allergic reaction (IgE-mediated disorder). If not treated rapidly can become fatal.

Shock 130
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Anaphylaxis, chest pain, and ST elevation in aVR

Dr. Smith's ECG Blog

Sent by anonymous, written by Pendell Meyers A man in his late 40s presented to the ED with concern for allergic reaction after accidentally eating a potential allergen, then developing an itchy full body rash and diarrhea. In the ED he received methylprednisolone, diphenhydramine, and epinephrine for possible anaphylaxis.

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Toss Up: A Little Bleeding, or A Lot of Platelets

EM Literature of Note

Platelets, like any blood product, are associated significant risks, not limited to acute lung injury, transfusion-related circulatory overload, allergic reactions, and more.

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Clinical Conundrums: How Long Should We Monitor After Giving IM Epinephrine for Anaphylaxis?


Incidence of clinically important biphasic reactions in emergency department patients with allergic reactions or anaphylaxis. Time of Onset and Predictors of Biphasic Anaphylactic Reactions: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.

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What Are Potential Problems of Using Povidone-Iodine?

Pediatric Education

You don’t seem to be having an allergic reaction to it, and it also doesn’t look like this is poison ivy or something else like that that you might have fallen into. Lots of water and gentle soap is usually all you need. I think the iodine is possibly irritating it though.