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Ep 187 Crashing Anaphylaxis – AMAX4 Algorithm and The Max McKenzie Case

Emergency Medicine Cases

Ben McKenzie, EM physician and a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne studying the topic of resuscitation algorithms in anaphylaxis and asthma. McKenzie on a mission to prevent deaths from anaphylaxis and asthma by educating emergency providers around the world using his AMAX4 algorithm as a framework.

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Critical anaphylaxis and asthma: The AMAX4 algorithm

First 10 EM

I have written about the resuscitation of anaphylaxis and asthma before. However, I was forwarded the AMAX4 algorithm for the patient with asthma or anaphylaxis who is either unconscious or requiring assisted ventilation, and I think it is an important addition for our sickest patients.


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Just a routine resuscitation. The AMAX4 algorithm for anaphylaxis/asthma. St Emlyn’s

St. Emlyn

The AMAX4 algorithm for anaphylaxis/asthma. The AMAX4 algorithm for anaphylaxis/asthma. The events that precede this blog are utterly tragic, but from such tragedy there is hope … Just a routine resuscitation. St Emlyn’s Read More » The post Just a routine resuscitation.

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Clinical Conundrums: How Long Should We Monitor After Giving IM Epinephrine for Anaphylaxis?


How Long Should We Monitor After Giving IM Epinephrine for Anaphylaxis? mg of intramuscular (IM) epinephrine for anaphylaxis. What The Evidence Says: Prompt recognition of anaphylaxis is imperative. Updated Anaphylaxis Guidelines (2020) References Lieberman P. His vital signs are normal. The patient is given 0.5

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Allergic Reactions and Anaphylaxis

EB Medicine

— In this episode, Sam Ashoo, MD, and TR Eckler, MD, discuss the July 2022 Emergency Medicine Practice article on the Management of Allergic Reactions and Anaphylaxis in the Emergency Department. Intro The number of ED visits and hospitalizations Studies show up to 57% of anaphylactic reactions are not recognized, and epinephrine is not administered (..)

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Melbourne family say son Max McKenzie, 15, should have survived anaphylaxis | 7NEWS


news/melbourne-family-say-son-max-mckenzie-15-should-have-survived-anaphylaxis-c-14842755.amp ‘Max said he was going to die – and those were his last words.’ — Read on

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EMCrit 357 – AMAX4 Crashing Anaphylaxis Explosion with Ben McKenzie


The explosion follow-up on the AMAX4 protocol for crashing anaphylaxis and asthma with Ben McKenzie [@amax4] EMCrit Project by Scott Weingart, MD FCCM.