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How Quickly to DSED | Whole Blood Transfusions


Tuesday Spoon Feed: Trauma patients who were resuscitated with whole blood compared to component therapy had improved 24-hour mortality and a decrease in the total amount of blood products needed for resuscitation.

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Jehovah’s Witnesses And Blood Transfusion Demystified

The Trauma Pro

Injury can be a bloody business, and trauma professionals take replacement of blood products for granted. So why would someone refuse blood when the trauma team is convinced that it is the only thing that may save their life?


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ALiEM AIR Series | Trauma 2023 Module


Take the AIR Trauma Module at ALiEMU Interested in taking the AIR quiz for fun or asynchronous (Individualized Interactive Instruction) credit? Please go to the above link. You will need to create a free, 1-time login account.

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Trauma Resuscitation Updates


CRYSTALLOIDS Too much crystalloid resuscitation in traumatic hemorrhagic shock can increase dilutional coagulopathy, as well as increase morbidity and mortality Bickell WH et al. I recently gave a talk on the initial management of trauma patients with hemorrhagic shock. vs SBP target <90mmHg which resulted in a mortality of 33.4%

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Best Of AAST #7: How Do You Like Your Platelets – Warm Or Cold?

The Trauma Pro

Until the last few years, massive transfusion in trauma consisted of component therapy, an admixture of packed red cells, plasma, and platelets. Whole blood transfusion is making inroads again, but it is used in a minority of centers.

Military 113
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The Latest in Critical Care, 11/6/23 (Issue #19)


Uncertainty has persisted about the ideal blood transfusion strategy to resuscitate and support trauma victims as they are prepared to undergo surgical and other mechanical interventions to achieve hemostasis. This can interrupt massive blood loss and buy time for potentially life-saving damage control surgery.

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emDOCs Podcast – Episode 84: Capnography


2019 American Heart Association Focused Update on Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support: Use of Advanced Airways, Vasopressors, and Extracorporeal Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation During Cardiac Arrest: An Update to the American Heart Association Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care. Circulation.