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The ECLS-SHOCK Trial: ECPR in Infarct-Related Cardiogenic Shock


Background: Cardiogenic shock develops in up to 10% of patients with acute myocardial infarction (AMI) and carries a 30 day mortality rate around 50%. bleeding, stroke, limb ischemia, and hemolysis). Extracorporeal Life Support in Infarct-Related Cardiogenic Shock. The evidence for this practice has been sparse until now.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Vasoactive Drug use in Children with Septic Shock

Don't Forget the Bubbles

What is Shock? Shock is defined as a type of circulatory failure where lack of oxygen leads to dysfunction of vital organs. There are many types of shock which may affect children, and management is specific to the type of shock. The overall goal in managing any cause of shock is to restore oxygen delivery to the organs.

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emDOCs Podcast – Episode 85: Tricky Cases Part 1


Learning points: Consider differential – sepsis, thyroid storm, thalamic stroke, exertional and classic heat stroke, serotonin syndrome, neuroleptic malignant syndrome, sympathomimetic toxicity, and anticholinergics. Reference: EM@3AM – Heat Stroke Case 2: 40-year-0ld female feels unwell but no other specific complaints.

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Journal Feed Weekly Wrap-Up


sodium chloride) reduced acute kidney injury and improved other outcomes in these pediatric patients with septic shock. Source Multiple Electrolytes Solution Versus Saline as Bolus Fluid for Resuscitation in Pediatric Septic Shock: A Multicenter Randomized Clinical Trial. Crit Care Med. 2023 Nov 1;51(11):1449-1460. doi: 10.1097/CCM.0000000000005952.

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Stroke Review | MSK Guidelines | Cirrhosis UGIB Antibiotics | Early Norepinephrine | Taping an ETT


We cover a review of acute ischemic stroke, ACP/AAFP musculoskeletal pain guidelines, antibiotics for cirrhosis with upper GI bleed, early norepinephrine for septic shock, and the best way to tape an ETT so it won’t come out. It’s the JournalFeed Podcast for the week of Aug. 31 - Sept.

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Chest pain and shock: Is there a right ventricular OMI on this ECG? And should he undergo trancutaneous pacing?

Dr. Smith's ECG Blog

A 50-something man presented in shock with severe chest pain. The patient was in clinical shock with a lactate of 8. This confirms inferior, posterior, lateral, and RV MI RV MI often leads to shock and (systolic) hypotension. RVMI explains part of the shock. His prehospital ECG was diagnostic of inferior posterior OMI.

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Grand Rounds Recap 1.24.24

Taming the SRU

Morbidity & MOrtality - Mini Lit Blitz - Post-Rosc Care - Qi/KT Morbidity & Mortality WITH Dr. Yates Case 1: Stroke and Stroke Mimics Early diagnosis of stroke improves stroke outcomes, where misdiagnosis is associated with an upwards of 4-time higher likelihood of mortality Missed strokes most often occur with atypical symptoms, in younger (..)

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