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Delayed sequence intubation: An RCT

First 10 EM

Weingart 2011, Weingart 2015) It is a brilliant concept, makes a ton of sense on paper, and anecdotally has seemed to help a number of my patients. Introduced to the world by our friend Scott Weingart, delayed sequence intubation (DSI) is often summarized as procedural sedation for the procedure of preoxygenation.

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SAEM Clinical Images Series: Fever with Rash


2011 Oct 18;183(15):E1152. Epub 2011 Sep 12. Curr Infect Dis Rep. 2009 Jan;11(1):66-72. doi: 10.1007/s11908-009-0010-x. PMID: 19094827. Shiao CC, Lin SY. Eschar: a clue to scrub typhus. doi: 10.1503/cmaj.101929. PMID: 21911554; PMCID: PMC3193135.


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Novel Hip Reduction Technique: The Captain Morgan

The Trauma Pro

Ann Emerg Med 58(6):536-540, 2011. The failure occurred due to an intra-articular fragment, and that hip had to be reduced in the operating room. Reference: The Captain Morgan technique for the reduction of the dislocated hip.

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Acute Esophageal Variceal Bleeding in Children

Pediatric EM Morsels

Gana, 2011 ] Endoscopy and other procedures Currently still debated, but reasonable to discuss additional options with your friendly Pediatric GI team. 2011 Jun;52(6):751-5. Castillo, 2019 ] Somatostatin (or its analogues, like Octreotide) Guidelines do recommend this… There is great variability in its administration, though.

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Tibial Tubercle Avulsion Fracture

Pediatric EM Morsels

J Child Orthop 5, 465–470 (2011). J Child Orthop 5, 465–470 (2011). JBJS reviews 8.4 2020): e0186–e0186. & Hosalkar, H.S. Tibial tubercle fractures in children with intra-articular involvement: surgical tips for technical ease. link] Gregory W. Kunis, Joshua A. Berko, Jeffrey C. Shogan, et al. October 26, 2021.

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Annals of B Pod: Anti-Xa Overdose

Taming the SRU

DISCUSSION Epidemiology and Background Rivaroxaban, along with other direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs), has become a mainstay of treatment for pro-thrombotic conditions since 2011. [1] 3-5] From a patient perspective, DOACs are favorable for daily dosing, oral intake, and lack of frequent clinical visits for dosing adjustments. N Engl J Med.

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REBEL Core Cast 98.0 – AVNRT


Multiple studies comparing verapamil to adenosine demonstrate equal efficacy of either agent with verapamil causing more hypotension ( Delaney 2011 , Hood 1992 ) Dose: 0.07 2011; 18(3): 148-52. Can J Cardiol 2011; 27(1): 105-9. Can J Cardiol 2011; 27(1): 105-9. Am J Emerg Med 2011; 29(5): 545-8. Eur J Emerg Med.